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FPR-Events Company specializes in organizing annual conferences in various industries of Ukraine.
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June 7-8, 2018


Azimut Hotel, St.Petersburg


160 delegates


25 speakers

ABOUT EVENT / for whom and about what this conference

Optimization of each production process – main topic of the IPTF 2018
IPTF is a two-day forum for participants of plastics processing industry in Russia. The focus of the forum are questions that concern top-managers, chiefs of development and chief technologists of plastic products manufacturers. In particular, are such topics as modern ways of increasing the efficiency and profitability of manufacture of plastics processing, know-how from leading companies and industry experts in the field of extrusion, compounding, injection molding and recycling, the situation in the market of plastic packaging in Russia. Also during the forum in collaboration with leading industry experts, participants will consider the practical experience of cost reduction of various enterprises, and to be able to meet and communicate with colleagues and potential partners.
The forum is attended by representatives of manufacturers of plastic products, polymers and additives suppliers, suppliers of equipment and technical solutions.

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IPTF 2015 / Briefly about past forums


Fifth International Polymer Technology Forum IPTF took place in June, 13-14, 2017 in St. Petersburg , Holiday Inn Moskovskie Vorota hotel.

Plastic products production optimization and search of reserves for profitability increase at all production phases was the main question and a subject of a forum. Also were discussed common problems at production and different solutions, the range of polymers and additives offered in the market of the Russian Federation, management of prime cost and quality, practical decisions on resource-saving, decisions in the sphere of transportation, storage, drying, mixing and dispensing of raw materials, current problems of domestic manufacturers of secondary plastics and use of recycled raw materials. The program of a forum combined reports of experts and several discussions on the “hottest” questions

The discussion devoted to approaches to repair of electronic components and automatics of technological lines was great addition of the program.

SPONSORS / forum`s sponsors and partners


EREMA Engineering Recycling Maschinen und Anlagen Ges.m.b.H.



Key topics / Presentations and discussions main themes

INDUSTRY 4.0 for extrusion, films production, compounding, granulation and mixing
Domestic market of polymers, innovative plastics, raw materials and additives
Decisions in the sphere of transportation, storage, drying and raw materials dispensing
Resource saving and plastics recycling
Rational decisions for domestic producer of the molding plastic products
Plastic packaging production – tendencies, prospects, rational technical solutions

Schedule / the schedule of events Forum IPTF

Please, pay attention! The conference program is still in development. If you want to speak at the conference, please contact the project manager Stanislav Chernenko by tel. +7 499 346 68 47 or by E-mail


The forum`s program includes two full working days, during which participants have the opportunity to listen speakers presentations on the hottest issues of the industry, to ask experts, and of course, to talk among themselves. At the conclusion of the first day of the forum participants expect a buffet table, in the conclusion of a forum excursion across St. Petersburg will take place.

View the program

Delegates / who will participate in the forum

Company nameSpecializationPositionParticipant name
3М RussiaSupplier of additivesLeading Specialist
AKP-Technomanufacture of plastic productsAnalyst
ANIONmanufacture of plastic productsCEO
Aquaphormanufacture of plastic productsSenior technologist
Aquaphormanufacture of plastic productsQuality Engineer
Aquaphormanufacture of plastic productsDeputy Director on quality
Arctosmanufacture of plastic productsLeading engineer-technologist of KTB
ARKEMA FRANCEraw materialsRepresentative of the Department of Functional Polyolefins and Technical Polymers of ARKEMA company for the countries of the former USSR
Artplastmanufacture of plastic productsProduction Director
Artplastmanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
Artplastmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy production director
Atlantsupplier of equipmentHead of the Marketing Department
Atlantsupplier of equipmentHead of the Bureau of Marketing Department
BARS-2 NPFmanufacture of masterbatchTechnical Director
BARS-2 NPFmanufacture of masterbatchLeading Specialist
BARS-2 NPFmanufacture of masterbatchSenior Sales Manager
Borealis AGraw materialsManager, Sales Russia
Borealis Polymers N.V.raw materialsManager, Senior AMM
Borealis Polymers Oyraw materialsApplication Development Engineer
BSH Household AppliancesotherDeputy Head of manufacturing engineering division
BSH Household AppliancesotherSnap Manager
BSH Household AppliancesotherIndustrial engineer
BSH Household AppliancesotherProcurement Specialist
BYKraw materialsTechnical Specialist
CompositePrommanufacture of plastic productsHead of a direction of working out of new products and technologies
CompositePrommanufacture of plastic productsAnalyst
CompositePrommanufacture of plastic productsDeputy the general director
Crodaadditive supplierManager in the direction of polymer additives and industrial chemistry
Diflexsupplier of equipmentLeading Project Manager
Diflexsupplier of equipmentHead of Customer Service
DIO Plastraw materialsTechnologist
DIO Plastraw materialsHead of Polypropylene Sales Department
DIO Plastraw materialsManager
DKSmanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
DOW Chemicalraw materialsDirector of Business Development
DOW Europe GmbHraw materialsTS&D Engineer
Entex Russupplier of equipmentDeputy Director
EREMAsupplier of equipmentCEO
EREMAsupplier of equipmentDevelopment Manager
Eximpack Equipmentmanufacture of plastic productsManager
Eximpack Equipmentmanufacture of plastic productsDirector
Exxon Mobilraw materialsSenior KAM
Firm KGDotherDirector General
Formet Plastic Machinery Ltd.supplier of equipmentSales Manager
Formet Plastic Machinery Ltd.supplier of equipmentDirector
Gamma Plastmanufacture of plastic productsHead of the Department of Scientific and Technical Development
Gamma Plastmanufacture of plastic productsCEO
Genesismanufacture of plastic productsCEO
Genesismanufacture of plastic productsDirector of Development
Georg Polymermanufacture of plastic productsTechnical Director
Georg Polymermanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbHsupplier of equipmentArea Sales Manager
Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbHsupplier of equipmentCEO
Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbHsupplier of equipmentArea Sales Manager
HOSOKAWA ALPINE AGsupplier of equipmentArea Sales Manager
HOSOKAWA MICRON St.Petersburgsupplier of equipmentProject Manager
IK "Politechnica"supplier of equipmentDeputy Director
IK "Politechnica"supplier of equipmentProject Manager
IKPmanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
Insulating polymeric materialsmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy General Director for Science and Technology
Integrated insulation systemsmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy General Director for Technological Development
International Plastic Hydemanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
InvestPackmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy Production Director
iPlastmanufacture of plastic productsChief Technologist
Isratek Smanufacture of plastic productsProduction Director
Isratek Smanufacture of plastic productsTechnical Director
KamPoliBagmanufacture of plastic productsDirector
Kloeckner Pentaplast Rusmanufacture of plastic productsChief Technologist
Kloeckner Pentaplast Rusmanufacture of plastic productsLeading Technology Specialist
Kloeckner Pentaplast Rusmanufacture of plastic productsHead of Quality Service
Kloeckner Pentaplast Rusmanufacture of plastic productsExecutive Director
KLUEBER LUBRICATIONotherBusiness Development Manager
KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbHsupplier of equipmentHead of department
Lambumizmanufacture of plastic productsHead of PTO
LEGAraw materialsHead of Development Department
LEGAraw materialsLeading Specialist of the Development Department
LEGRANDotherLeading engineer-technologist
LEGRANDotherHead of Purchasing Department
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbHsupplier of equipmentparticipant is specified
Leistritz Extrusionstechnik GmbHsupplier of equipmentCEO
Likhoslavsky Plant Svetotehnikamanufacture of plastic productsChief Technologist
Likhoslavsky Plant Svetotehnikamanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
Limaton Packingmanufacture of plastic productsLeading technologist R & D
NGO "StarLine"manufacture of plastic productsHead of the shop for the production of plastic products
NGO "StarLine"manufacture of plastic productsLeading Automation Engineer
NGO "StarLine"manufacture of plastic productsProject Manager for the Production of Plastic Products
NGO "StarLine"manufacture of plastic productsHead of the testing center
Nizhnekamskneftekhimraw materialsHead of the Department for the Promotion of Polymers
Nizhnekamskneftekhimraw materialsHead of Polyolefin Sales Department
NPK Protectmanufacture of plastic productsTechnologist
NPK Protectmanufacture of plastic productsCEO
NPK Protectmanufacture of plastic productsHead of OTP
NPP "Hydropolymer"manufacture of plastic productsProduction Director
PC Konturmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy General Director for Development
PKF "Tara"manufacture of plastic productsProduction Director
PKF "Tara"manufacture of plastic productsProcess engineer
PKF "Tara"manufacture of plastic productsChief Engineer
PKF "Tara"manufacture of plastic productsDeputy Managing Director
PLASTCONmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy Director General for Quality
PLASTCONmanufacture of plastic productsDirector General
Playdoradomanufacture of plastic productsChief Technologist
Polymer Technologiesraw materialsCEO
Polymeric machinessupplier of equipmentCEO
Polyneftekhimraw materialsHead of Polyethylene and Polypropylene Division
Rapid Granulator ABsupplier of equipmentRegional Sales Manager
Rapid Granulator ABsupplier of equipmentGeneral manager
Rascommanufacture of plastic productsDirector General
Reifenhäuser Blown Filmsupplier of equipmentarea sales manager
RESINEX Rusmanufacture of plastic productsSales Manager
RESINEX Rusmanufacture of plastic productsDevelopment Manager of the NW Region
Ruslaymmanufacture of plastic productsCommercial Director
Samara Cable Companymanufacture of plastic productsLeading Development Manager
Scientificsupplier of equipmentparticipant is specified
Scientific and commercial center "LABTEST"supplier of equipmentHead of Customer Service Department
SIBURraw materialsManager
SIBURraw materialsHead of direction
SIBUR TTSRPPraw materialsManager
Solnechnogorsk plant "Europlast"manufacture of plastic productsDeputy Director General for Quality
Sumitomo Demag Plastic Machinerysupplier of equipmentparticipant is specified
SuperPrintmanufacture of plastic productsDirector of Operations
TD Replasticoraw materialsCommercial Director
TD Replasticoraw materialsCEO
TELKOraw materialsSales Manager
TELKOraw materialsNew Business Development Manager Plastics
TIKO - Plasticmanufacture of plastic productsHead of Customer Support Department
TIKO - Plasticmanufacture of plastic productsTechnical Director
TIKO - Plasticmanufacture of plastic productsDeputy Technical Director for Technology Development
Ultrapolymersraw materialsDirector
UTSraw materialsmanager of the department "Plastics and polymer additives"
VL-PLASTsupplier of equipmentCEO
VPMmanufacture of plastic productsHead of Commercial Department
VPMmanufacture of plastic productsTechnical Director
WM Thermoformingsupplier of equipmentSales Area Manager
X-TensiveotherDirector of Development

Comments / that industry participants say

Registration fee / the cost of participation in the conference

UNTIL 30 JAN 2018



265 EUR
Special registration fee for manufacturers of plastic products
2-3 participants – 5% discount
more than 4 participants – 10% discount

UNTIL 7 JUN 2018


300 EUR
Special registration fee for manufacturers of plastic products
2-3 participants – 5% discount
more than 4 participants – 10% discount

Registration / to participate you need to register

Attention Be present in the areas of conference can only registered participants. Areas of conference are the conference rooms, coffee break areas and buffets areas, reception area. Organizers of the IPTF Forum are kindly request participants do not remove badges during working sessions, breaks and evening receptions. Members receive badges upon registration.

  • Name*
  • Last name*
  • Your personal number*
  • Your email*
  • Company name*
  • Your position*
  • Comany website*
  • Line of business*
  • Company phones for conference catalogue*Company phones for conference catalogue
  • Promo-code*Promo-code
  • 10

FAQ / frequently asked questions and answers

Registration fee is included:
  • access at conference events and areas (sessions, round tables, registration and coffe-break area);
  • dinner 7 and 8 June, coffee breaks 7 and 8 June, buffet 7 June and excursion;
  • printed and digital conference materials – program, presentations, delegates contact information.
ATTENTION! Accommodation in the registration fee is not included. Attend in the areas of conference can only registered participants.
Hotel room in Azimut hotel you can book after you have completed registration as a participant in the conference. For IPTF conference participants hotel gives special price for accommodation. Room «standard», single occupancy / double — 8400 / 9000 RUB. Includes breakfast. To book a room at a special price you must pay the registration fee, than request the application form from the organizers for your reservation or you candownload booking form and send it Yulia Derbeneva by e-mail, pre-contacting her by phone +7 812 448 71 37
Only Sponsor get such options:  
  1. Opportunity to choose time for presentation and place for advertising banners
  2. Sponsor status will differentiate your company from competitors
  If you are interested in our offer of sponsorship, please send us a message through the feedback form, first placing the appropriate option or please contact FPR-Events any convenient way for you
If you want to make a presentation at the IPTF Forum, please write to us about in the form of feedback, noting it in the "Presentation" option or contact us in any convenient way for you If you want to present in your presentation products or services of your company, the cost of such report will be 850 EUR. Presentation time - 25 minutes.

Advertising / advertising features and sponsorship opportunities

Advertising at the conference is a guaranteed way to communicate information about yourself to all the participants. Indeed, in the busy schedule of events can be simply not have time to chat with everyone with whom you have planned. Summary table of advertising opportunities in a convenient format gives a complete list of advertising options and prices. Presented sponsorship packages contain practically all the advertising options available at prices lower than “retail” plus a completely exclusive features to help you attract new customers and increase sales. Do not miss the chance to “squeeze” the maximum benefit from the conference!

Advertising optionsCostSponsor,
can be more than one company
Platinum Sponsor,
only one company can be
Presentation (25 min)
850 EUR.
Banner 1200 х 2000 mm design and printing of banner are carried out by the organizer, construction for banner ("spider") is provided in rent
300 EUR.
Advertising leaflets on the registration desk
75 EUR.
Video clip show on the screen in a conference hall and on panels in a coffee-breaks zone
520 EUR.
Exibition table in conference hall
370 EUR.
A5 full color layout in the catalog of conference
185 EUR.
Placement of the company logo on the website, in catalogue, on delegates bags
Branded ribbon for a badge (only for Platinum Sponsor)
Including advertizing materials into delegates bags: branding of a zone, carrying out competitions, lottery and other activities (only for Platinum Sponsor)
450 EUR.
Included registration fees
1800 EUR.
3700 EUR.

About organizers / IPTF organizers team

Anna Danilova

Project manager

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 96 109 30 98

Yuri Karpenko

Project manager

Тел.: +7 499 346 68 47
Тел.: +380 44 221 45 60

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 67 929 47 49

Stanislav Chernenko

Project leader

Tel.: +7 499 346 68 47
Tel.: +380 56 790 17 34

One of the organizers of the International polymer technological forum IPTF is the FPR-Events company, which specializes in organizing annual conferences in various industries. Since its formation in 2009, the company held 24 successful international conference,which was attended by over 2500 delegates from different countries.

Another organizer of the forum IPTF is VM Verlag publishing house. VM Verlag publishing house (г. Кёльн, Германия) is founded in 1995. Then was published the new specialized magazine “Plastics No. 1” which was taking up questions of processing of plastic. With release of the first number the fragile sprout of new idea which, developing arose and becoming stronger, developed into the full trade magazine “EXTRUSION” which became so popular that today it is impossible to present extrusion without “EXTRUSION”. In addition to “EXTRUSION International Magazine”, in 1997 the WORLD OF PLASTICS Asia magazine was founded in the Chinese and English languages intended for distribution in emerging markets of Southeast Asia.

The edition for the CIS countries for the first time was published on the eve of Interplastic’s exhibition 2004 in Moscow, having at once been highly appreciated from professional audience. Today the PLASTCOURIER EXTRUSION magazine is one of the trade publications conducting in the CIS and the only magazine on the plastic published in Germany in Russian.


AZIMUT Hotel 43/1, Lermontovsky Avenue, St.Petersburg, russia
tel.: + 7 (812) 740 26 40
FAX: + 7 (812) 740 26 88


Contacts / please, keep in touch with us

+7 499 346 68 47
+380 98 122 62 34
+48 22 209 89 40
+380 44 221 45 60